Road trip to Nova Scotia

Flower Rocks at the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick has the highest tides in the world.  Walking on the bay floor is only possible during low tide and if you hang out there too long you have no choice but to swim back to land.
The more I travel the more I find myself going on impromptu excursions and Nova Scotia was no different.  These impromptu trips usually all start off the same way:
  • The thought of a random adventure creeps into my mind
  • I start to googling cool things to do on this “hypothetical adventure”
  • Ask myself “Is there any place I absolutely have to be in the new few days?” and the answer is almost always “no”
  • Send out a few texts to some friends to see if anyone wants to join – response rate of these random messages generally decrease as the ambitiousness of the trip increases
  • Pack my things and hit the road
Luckily for this trip, I have just as crazy of a friend Dorota who jumped at the chance to hit the road with no real plan in mind.  The funny thing about this trip is that Nova Scotia was not even on the list of places to see.  The original plan was to drive through Montreal and Quebec City but a couple hours into the drive and some more googling, Acadia NP and Bay of Fundy seemed much more appealing. 6 days and 2,200 miles later we returned from our long Canadian road trip.  We both agreed that Nova Scotia sounded more appealing in theory than what we actually experienced, so our time there was pretty limited.  However on our way back we walked through the Flower Rocks in the Bay of Fundy which was definitely the highlight of our trip.  Along with Fundy, we drove through Acadia but didn’t get to see a whole lot as most of the smaller roads were closed off due to a recent snow storm.  
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    Didn’t see this one!! Rad post 🙂 lets get some more road trips in homie!