Ramdom Thoughts

Life of a Digital Nomad So this whole becoming a digital nomad really seems like it’s becoming a thing, and I have a couple thoughts on it. For the ones not familiar with the term “digital nomad”, it is in reference to individuals who use technology to earn a living, providing them with the ability to live a nomadic lifestyle. In my opinion this revolution probably started shortly after 2007 when Tim Ferris released The 4 Hour Work Week. Although the title sounds gimmicky, I can assure you it does make a pretty damn good case for how and why you should live a digital lifestyle. Even though this book has been out for almost 10 years, it doesn’t seem like digital nomads have really become a thing until recently with social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat putting these lifestyles on full display.  As this lifestyle has been gaining substantial growth over the past couple of years there have been a handful of observations I’ve made from personal experiences and from afar. Continue reading Thoughts on being a digital nomad
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