Best apps for traveling with no destination in mind

I couldn’t tell you the number of times I wanted to book a flight somewhere, anywhere, and just have it be a good deal. I didn’t care if it was 2 or 24 hours away, I just wanted to enter in my departing city and see where I could go within my budget. Luckily, I’ve come across three apps that allow me to do just that.

Kayak Explore

Kayak is definitely my go to app for when it comes to travel.  No matter if its for flight, hotel or car, almost all of my trip planning starts with Kayak. Although it’s a pretty well known app in the travel industry I don’t think many people know about the explore functionality.Kayak Explore Flights Kayak’s explore map gives you the ability to enter your departing city, your budget, and either the month or season you’re looking to travel. This feature makes it extremely easy to see where you can travel around the world within your budget without having to research specific locations one by one.

Google Flights

Google Flights ExplorerIt seems like Google Flights has become a lot more popular over the past year or so.  Google Flights offers an explore option very similar to Kayak’s but provides you with even more filters to search by like destination types, airlines, flight times, duration and more. Although Google Flights provides you with a lot more filters than Kayak, you still have to specify the exact travel dates you are looking for which isn’t always something I know.  Not too long ago Google Flights also gave you ability to view airfare for the whole week making it much easier to determine what the cheapest days to fly would be, but that feature seems to have been decommissioned. Nevertheless I still consider this to be a pretty damn good app.


Momondo is probably the most underrated travel apps that I use.  Their trip finder makes finding destinations Momondo Trip Finderso easy it blows my mind other apps haven’t followed suite. You go there and select the type of trip you’re looking for (beach, night life, nature, etc), select a continent, enter your budget, and the month you’re looking to go. Momondo will then give you a list of results and easy to read charts that tell you which days are the cheapest to travel to your selected destination.   I don’t necessarily consider one of these apps better than the next, but all three of them are quite useful when it comes to trip discovery.